Style Guide

RIS Web Services provides some standard visual designs and content layouts to minimize the time and cost of website development. On this page you can browse examples of the standard color schemes for various page elements and the most common content "containers" that can be added to your pages such as staff listings, Google maps, and Twitter feeds, to name a few. You are not limited to these standard elements, of course, if time and budget allow for customization.

If you have any questions about these standard elements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Standard Template Design





Header 1

#000 20px uppercase

Header 2

#000 24px

Header 3

#4b5b6a 20px

Header 4

#000 18px

This is an example of a paragraph

#000 16px

This is an example of a link

#71a9b6 16px font-weight: 700




Form Development

PubMed Module for Drupal

Image Slider

Google Map

Database Development

Google Calendar Embed